• Business Cards – 1K $100

    Designed | Printed & Delivered.

  • Kangen Water ?

    Find out more about what I drink in order to stay fit and healthy.

  • Logo Design

    Let me create a custom logo just for your brand alone.

  • Brain Hacks

    Find out what I do in order to keep my brain stimulated and growing.

  • Apparel Graphics

    Silkscreen | DTG | Heat Press | Sublimation

  • Easy Meals

    I am a single on the go mother, watching what I put in my mouth.


    The first of her kind. Lainie is a mobile designer who will travel to you for all of your design needs. Professional and punctional she prides herself of getting the job done right then and there.


    What could be better than to sit down with your own personal designer and watch as she creates your perfect piece. If its for the web or for print you will get exactly what you are looking for. No longer do you have to email your designer back and forth for a week. Lainie will even prepare and send your files to her printer and have them shipped directly to your door!

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